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So I turned to pain science to get some answers. I was blown away by the gap between what scientists currently know about pain and what people are actually told. The data shows that important factors are often completely missed, such as simply explaining how pain works. Other factors are often overplayed; like the need to be 'realigned' into a so-called ideal structure.

In my clinic, I began to spend more time with people talking to them about their pain and explaining how pain works and what happened was pretty amazing; I found that when they understood more, this increased their ability to tackle pain. Very often people would recover from pain (often chronic, long-term pain) simply due to a bit of knowledge and understanding together with simple strategies to practise at home. Yes, there is some work to do!

The Navigating Pain approach is simple and very effective but often not easy. That’s the reason for this blog. To support you and share with you simple evidence-based ways in which you can free yourself from pain, without the need for months of expensive treatment or equipment.

Join me on my journey to help you live a pain free life. 


Believe me, it’s possible.